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Welcome to a banking relationship that understands you.

You can "bank" anywhere, but at School Employees Credit Union on top of banking, you receive much more in return. That's because as a credit union that caters to educational employees, we speak your language. We specifically tailor our wide range of products and services around what benefits you the most.

If any of our membership requirements fit you, simply follow the easy registration process below to become a lifetime member. You give so much every single day; get a little back with a credit union that works just as hard for you!

Who Can Be a Member?

You're eligible to join School Employees Credit Union of Washington if you're employed (full or part-time) by these organizations in Washington state.

Or if you live in Washington State and any of these criteria applies to you. Check out our Eligibility Wizard to determine if you may be eligible to join us today!

How To Join

Joining School Employees Credit Union is incredibly easy. In fact, it's a two-step process!


Apply for Membership - Simply click the "Apply Today" button and apply online in a matter of minutes! You'll be directed to open a membership savings account with as little as $5. This account secures your membership with School Employees Credit Union and earns you an impressive dividend rate at the same time! Learn more about our current savings options available to you.

Instant membership approval is granted in an easy, paperless process.

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Move Your Accounts - Now that you've become a member of School Employees Credit Union, we'll help you switch all of your accounts over in an easy process. Simply follow these four simple steps to become a fully-integrated member!

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Why Choose Us

  • Simply put, School Employees Credit Union caters to you. Membership is catered to educational employees and their families.
  • Our gains are your gains. As a not-for-profit institution, any profits earned go back to you in the form of better rates, benefits, and state-of-the-art services.
  • You understand that today's youth is tomorrow's future, and so do we. We offer several customizable youth plans to start your children on the path toward a bright financial future.
  • We appreciate you. Your track record is impeccable—you pay your bills on time and live within your means, which never goes unnoticed at School Employees Credit Union. Because of that, our "bad debt" losses are among the lowest in the industry. In turn, this allows us to provide more free accounts, services, better returns on deposits, and other perks than most other financial institutions.
  • One-time choice, a lifetime of returns. By applying for membership, you instantly enjoy full access to all the value-added offerings we provide and become a shareholder with stake in everything we do. Not only do you become a member, your entire family becomes eligible for membership too!